Safe Film

Lifelong Learning Programme
Erasmus IP Project SAFEFILM
Health and Safety Trainings in Construction Using Short Films
19 April – 04 May 2014, Eskisehir


Project Coordinator :  Anadolu University

Partners : Warsaw University of Technology,  University of Minho Politechnical University of Valencia Vilnius College of Technologies and Design

Summary:  The construction industry is one of the most risky sectors in terms of industrial accidents and occupational illnesses all over the world. The construction industry has a high accident rate in Turkey and other European countries. Construction accidents do not only cause human tragedy and economic losses, but also they lead to inefficient productivity and a notorious prestige of the sector. Minimizing construction accidents is therefore highly vital for this industry. Nevertheless, in courses regarding health and safety issues in construction rarely or never exist in the undergraduate curricula of civil engineering departments of universities in Turkey and Europe. And even if there is a related course, most of the time the students and sometimes the teaching staff overlook such courses since they do not have the adequate recognition about health and safety issues in construction sector which result in underestimating the impacts of those topics. Students, after graduating and starting to make a career as an engineer in a company with very little or no knowledge regarding health and safety in construction, continue the habit of ignoring health and safety issues by putting them into the last or similar order while prioritizing their tasks in the construction sites, which will decrease the probabilities in great deal to prevent accidents in those sites. This project intended to improve health and safety trainings in construction using short films. The partners of this IP project are Anadolu University (Turkey), Warsaw University of Technology (Poland), University of Minho (Portugal), Politechnical University of Valencia (Spain) and Vilnius College of Technologies and Design (Lithuania). Visual training tools are produced which can significantly facilitate and promote the effectiveness of health and safety trainings for students and teaching staff. The main objective of SAFEFILM was to improve health and safety trainings in construction by using short films. In this respect, several students and teaching staff i.e. target groups of this project are trained on the mentioned topics to have the basic recognition. A total number of 6 short films are prepared in this project. Short films have the potential to make trainings more attractive and striking, and can significantly facilitate learning. Short movies that exhibit construction accidents based on true stories of accidents can be used in health and safety trainings in construction industries for reducing accidents causing death and major injuries. 


Death Proof Shortfilm 4

For Daddy


Lost Friend Ship 6

Wester Group 3 Output 1 New 2

Hooked Group